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Data Extraction Services

For data entry outsourcing services, our company offers fully managed & scalable data entry services & data processing services which include:

● Data Categorization
● Data Annotation
● Data Validation
● Data Enrichment

Why are we different from the competition?


Guaranteed by strong SLA on productivity & accuracy rate.

Highly competitive

Our prices for high-volumes are very competitive


all our processes include the best tools to use according to the project, including the double-entry process, and a huge Quality Assurance process given a 98 % accuracy rate.

A huge “know-how”:

As a specialized & pure-player data entry company for 4 years We have a track record of millions of data processed in different industries for multiple clients.

Free test:

For big volumes, we offer free pilot tests to get you through the learning curve and performance track to give you the best price on the market.

Invoice Processing Service

Invoices data processing services: Retyping or OCR/AI extracted data validation Processing invoices with strong accuracy, and awesome scalability at a very low cost.

Our company helps our customers get rid of the painful and tedious tasks of manually entering the data into their systems. We have a trained staff of data entry operators who can validate and correct the data coming from the OCR engines.

Even in this technology age, 70% of enterprises today still receive papers invoices, even with AP automation processes using OCR, IDP, RPA, or AI, the processing of invoices remains a huge challenge. Getting the right data from invoices to your financial back office quickly and without errors is still a complicated task, especially with invoices/receipts of different layouts. Technologies still need a scalable human workforce and for that reason, we propose a mix of technologies & human resource validation for your invoices processing.

Automated extraction (80%)

Our invoice processing company partners with the best AI / OCR / IDP/ RPA software. Depending on your processes we will use the best invoice processing solution (without any markups) which is the best fit for your organization.

Human Intelligence (20%)

Our own delivery centers have hundred of experienced flexible human resources to do the retyping / validation to guarantee a 98% accuracy rate.

Your Advantages Using Our Services For Invoices Processing


Automation + offshore delivery centers offer by far the best combination for cost reduction you can dream of up to 80 % savings.


24 X 7 coverage
Big Ramp up /down in less than 24 hours
Use us only for the validation process or all processes
Very flexible commitment