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Our data entry services, data processing, and content moderation services are available with state-of-the-art technological tools and a vetted, managed, scalable, economical, and ethical workforce from our centers in Vadodara Gujarat.

First, we are TRUSTED by SMART companies of different industries in need of a top-notch data entry outsourcing company offering data entry services, and data processing services including data enrichment, data categorization, and validation, data annotation for AI, and content moderation.

We work for leading Market places, top web aggregators, super-smart tech start-ups, AI companies. We take care of the needs of our customers who want to outsource data entry, data processing, data labeling, or content moderation projects.

Data Extraction Services

What we do


  • Invoices  processing 
  • Customers orders
  • Catalogs of E-commerce products 
  • Forms & Documents of Healthcare, Banking & Insurance, Transportation industries…
  • Books, etc …

What can we do for your business?



Automatically identify documents at the point of sale.


After you've extracted the data, double-check that it's accurate.


Ensure your content and information management systems receive data and documents.

The Wonder of OCR

Optical character recognition is both an IT professional's as well as a business entrepreneur's dream. It is also known as text recognition. Think of your regular Google search. But this time, focus on the image search option. That would be an example of OCR. OCR helps convert physical, handwritten, or typed text into machine language. This machine language can then help you configure this data into the method of your choice. It can even work with images and PDFs.

There are many types of OCR software out there that can be utilized for data entry automation. We use ABBYY for our invoice automation needs.

5 Easy Steps of Data Entry Automation

Our Process

Data Source Upload

You’ll begin by gathering all the manual data that needs to be structured and entered into the database or ERP software. This can be in the form of texts, documents, images, or PDFS

The prep stage

Artificial Intelligence and OCR techniques turn each document and image into readable material for your software. Each document is converted into a simplified algorithm or formula that computer software can understand.

Selective Extraction

You don’t have to process every detail, including the unnecessary ones. You can train the software to recognize the most important parts of the document, ledger, or file. In this way, soon the software will act like a trained robot that understands each document requirement without you needing to repeat the commands each Time with this Extraction.

Verification of data

Here a manual or semi-manual data check can confirm and check extracted data for accuracy. Once this is done, you can make the required corrections so mistakes are not repeated.

Transfer data to the destination

Once all the extraction is done, you can transport and save them in the desired formats. Alternatively, you can also upload this data safely into the ERP software of your business. Voila! You’ve just saved yourself and your employees from precious time and energy being wasted on some mundane, repetitive, and error-prone tasks!

Benefits of Automated Data Entry

Businesses increasingly prefer automated data entry tools. This is because computerized tools increase efficiency and allow you to focus on more essential tasks.

We've listed the most important ones below to give you a better idea of the many benefits of automated data entry:

1. There is a minimal amount of error.
2. You can save a significant amount of time with the software.
3. More satisfied employees

What are the Immediate Benefits of a Quick and Efficient Data Entry Automation System?

‍Grows with your business

When your business grows, so does your data entry demand. If you’re still manual, you may need to hire additional staff. But with automation, you don’t need to do anything. The automation software is equipped to handle all volumes of demand. It can assure guaranteed meeting of deadlines even with the biggest of workloads.

Productivity spike

When employees no longer need to spend long hours straining their backs over mundane tasks, you can allocate them more pressing work that contributes to the business holistically. When this extra time is exerted in research and development planning, it contributes to the longevity and growth of the business. And who doesn’t benefit from that?

Increased accuracy

A Gartner study shows that a simple manual error can result in 25000 hours of extra work and a financial cost of more than $800,000 to a business. While humans might get tired and enter wrong figures carelessly, a computer isn’t prone to errors. It will upload and extract the data as a mirror image. You won’t need to worry about the possibilities of large financial losses because a clerk entered an extra zero where it wasn’t meant to be.

Employee satisfaction

When employees aren’t forced to do tasks that require minute mundane tasks, there is an uplift in moods. Employees are happier coming into work and that naturally increases productivity as well as the company's reputation.

Smart processing

Intelligent extraction means you can quickly structure and transform data. You can classify documents by department, type, or source. This means more precise extraction and intelligent processing.

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